God’s True Worshippers in Jesus Christ Ministries has been ordained and formed for one purpose only on August 30, 2008 by a commission by God the Father through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ entrusted to  Senior Prophet T. Diggs and his beautiful wife Prophetess M. Diggs.

The commission is to carry out the mission that was given by the head of church (body) by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God. This ministry was founded by divine revelation to the founders to reach the unsaved world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, to teach and nourish all believers into the Christ-like family that was intended from the creation of man and to prepare His Bride to be received by the soon coming King of kings and Lord of lords our Savior Jesus Christ.

After an emergency surgery in May 2015, Senior Prophet T. Diggs died on the recovery table but God the Father said to him "Apostle you will come through this" and he was miraculously brought back to life in the office of an Apostle. By the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, Apostle Diggs have been given deeper insight and revelation into the Word of God greater than ever before. This has come to pass for the glory of God to up build His kingdom and not for vain glory.

Apostle Diggs remains humble as ever understanding the words of Apostle Paul "Yet not I but Christ liveth in me".​

First Lady Prophetess Diggs & Apostle T. Diggs

God's True Worshippers in Jesus Christ